Steven James, Inspy Awards 2010 Winner, Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

It was a total blast taking the journey our committed panel of judges in the Inspy Awards 2010 Thriller/Suspense/Mystery category embarked upon. A pilgrimage into what demonstrates the highest levels literary talent in the general area of Christian crime fiction — and what constitutes Christian themes in literature.

Winner:  Steven James ~ The Knight

The statement issued by our panel of judges: Mark Buzzard, Kim Ford, Tim George, Dee Stewart, and myself.

How does one (who has no Christian reference points) make that first step toward the Lord? Where does that first question about spirituality come from? How does the author make it believable? Steven James makes it believable. This question encapsulates many of the judges’ thoughts about Patrick Bowers as he struggles to solve a series of grizzly crimes in the INSPY Award winner for the Thriller/Suspense/Crime Fiction category. The literary skill employed by James creates a story that steals the reader’s sleep while also stealing their breath. Creating an unforgettable set of characters who face an unimaginable and escalating series of terrifying crimes, James captures both the imagination and heart of the reader as he spins his tale.

Steven Jame’s website:

2 thoughts on “Steven James, Inspy Awards 2010 Winner, Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

  1. Thanks to this interview, I've found a new author to add to my "must read" shelf. I just finished "The Pawn" – had to stay up late 'cause I couldn't sleep not knowing how the climax would work out.I posted a review of "The Pawn" on Goodreads. The only criticism I had was in regards to the scenes in Aaron Kincaid's POV. He bored me, but that might be personal. I did like the political intrique portion of the plot, though. I especially liked Pat Bowers and his stepdaughter, Tessa. Also Ralph and Lien-hua are faves. The interaction between the 3 FBI characters, and how each reacts different to Tessa, has me hooked on them as characters.I hope others see this review and pick up Steven James' novels.


  2. Tammy, Isn't Steven GREAT. I sound like Tony the Tiger, but boy do I mean it.I read The Knight because I was judging the Inspys, and boy am I glad there are sharp bloggers out there who nominated such great Thriller/suspense/mystery novels. What a great way to hold a writing contest. Let the readers do the nominating.I love Pat Bowers relationship w/his stepdaughter. I'm going to read the entire series.


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