Thirteen Methods of Murder Most Foul


.1. Arsenic (poison in general…)

2. Stab and/or impale

3. Bury alive and/or seal in a wall

4. Insect bite/snake bite, or other venomous creature (said creature, of course, carefully placed)

5. Smother with a pillow,/poisonous gas

6. Beat or stomp them to death

7. Throw out a window or off a roof

8. kidnap, torture, maim, mutilate

8. Pay a hit man to do it for you.

9.Use a gun

10. Drown

11. Hit  and/or run over with a car, truck, or other vehicle

12. Tie to a tree and let exposure or wild animals do the deed

13. Throw victim in a furnace or freezer (my 13 year old daughter came up with this one…ghoulish, positively ghoulish)

2 thoughts on “Thirteen Methods of Murder Most Foul

  1. Timely post Nike as my local writer's group toured the county crime lab Saturday. Discussed some unsolved cases, and toured the morgue where yes a real autopsy was taking place as we walked by. Um, can I get those 4 minutes back again? The experience brought the two elements of fiction/real life too close for comfort!


  2. I think that's the thing with crime fiction, the author needs to get close to real life, but not too close. It still has to be fiction.It's my belief in all crime fiction themes of justice for the victim are a must. Howvever in Christian crime fiction the author must show that even in the midst of the most henous crime God can work His redemptive grace.


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