I’m On A Thriller Panel~Wahoo~Pretty Impressive

I’m on the Inspy Award’s Thriller Panel. Hey even I’m impressed. We’re talkin the Inspy’s.

I’m not impressed with me, but with the awards. These are the bloggers’ awards for excellence in faith-driven literatiure.

This is where all those fanatical bloggers who sit up to all hours of the night reading novels that move, inspire, and elevate them and then spend their waking hours blogging about those books — these bloggers get to nominate said books for thes awards.

I’m on the Thriller/Mystery/Suspense judging panel and I’m more than honored, I’m delighted, ecstatic, over the moon. I’m also humbled to be in such great company with the other judges on the panel.

For a link to the Thriller JudgesPanel: http://inspys.com/?p=321

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