Am I "Sexting" Now???

Not really, but I am spending a whole lotta time online talkin a whole lotta trash to a whole lotta kids who spend a whole lotta time talkin trash. Many of them college bound kids.

First off…I’m posing as my runaway daughter. So, they don’t know I’m a mom. Or so I thought. One girl caught on right away and stopped replying to me. Why? I quickly figured it out. I typed in upper and lower case. A dead give away. But I learn quickly and switched to lower case exclusively.

Here’s a mom writing: Hi, BFF, what’s going on? How’s school? Oh, yeah, and I have a really important question, are you seeing much of Anthony?

Here’s a better way for a mom to disguise her writing so they don’t know it’s a mom: hey bestie, whaz w/u? how’s school? O yeah, I gotta really primo question. u c much of anthony?

Unfortunately I’m always a day or two behind my daughter, so whatever info I give the missing persons detective is old, but some of it’s info he doesn’t have. It all goes into a report which will be filed along with all the other NYPD reports.

Tiring, but I thank God for the two detectives who’ve devoted time to this case.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, quite a few people have have opened up to me privately…told me stories. One woman told me of a young man in law school who works part-time at her job. The kid’s parents are divorced and not on speaking terms. He lives with his attorney dad and they pass like ships in the night. The dad has high hopes for this son to follow him into law, as he followed the grandfather into law. However, this young man is selling pot and ecstays in the clubs on weekends. Dad doesn’t have a clue. The woman cautioned this fellow if he gets busted not only will he have an arrest record and possible prison time, but he can kiss his law career goodbye…not to mention rock his dad’s world. While the dad isn’t rolling in the dough anymore with alimony and what not, the boy really doesn’t want for much. The college kid’s response was it’s exciting to sell drugs in the clubs…not to mention the availability of chicks–his word.

And so it goes…

8 thoughts on “Am I "Sexting" Now???

  1. Carol – Thx. This texting is totally insane.Most of what the kids write says nothing. I've read volumnes of text devoid of any rational meaning.hey girl how u?KK, how u?i'm bored!me 2!!It drives me crazy. I've read hours of that stuff.I want to scream, "You're bored cause your boring." LOL


  2. Man, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I hope you're able to find some valuable information…and soon. I can't even imagine, but I'll keep praying for your daughter (and you).


  3. Julia – We have an address of a guy we think is selling alcohol to minors. We believe our daughter was spotted w/him.Hubby is phoning the missing person's detective today w/the address.Thx. for the prayer. Always want prayer. 🙂 🙂


  4. Julia – Thx for keeping an interest in this.What is so overwhelming is how many people are sharing their own stories w/me in private.The kidz kulture is waaay off kilter. Parents have to wake up and start parenting and stop trying to be their children's friend.


  5. this is both sad and funny. I cannot text properly (kid-style). I figure it's pointless to figure it out because they'll be doing something different before my 5 yr old is a teenager.


  6. D.L, Yes, as soon as I figure out what a word or combo of words mean, they change.Sad, yes…she's still gone. We get messages left by her. Some rude and angry, others giggly. The gist of it is she's safe (she says) and not coming home. She's "good" where she is. She spoke to my husband's cousin and told her where she is staying they get up at 1 pm the earliest. I'm sure her life if pot centered. My husband's worked all of his career in substance abuse counseling and she might be w/a guy who's selling pot. She says they stay up all night.Well, from what we know of the street, it could be a LOT worse.We keep praying.


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