Do You Know Where Your Kidz Are???

My adopted daughter chose to return to the life she had befor the adoption..the life of the streets. She ran away seven days ago.. She’s only 14.

I’ve been searching Facebook to find her. I’ve found a kidz culture that’ll knock the sox off most parrents.

Some kid (he is probably over 18 and selling drugs) had a party last night that he publicized on Facebook. My run-away daughter was at that party…so were a lot of kids…their parents had no idea.

These kids don’t think they can be found out…but they haven’t met me yet. I’m an anomoly! My kid’s mom writes crime fiction. The underbelly is not unknown to me. I know the streets better than most parents. I did what my heroine (a private detective) woulda done.

Lest you think these kida are wash-outs…many of them area college bound, some of them high achievers. How did they get to this party??? They lied to their parents.

Updates to come….

4 thoughts on “Do You Know Where Your Kidz Are???

  1. Oh my goodness, Nike. I don't know what can be said but know that our prayers are with you and your daughter today. God please wrap your arms of protection around Nike's daughter. Bring her safely back to Nike. Please use this somehow in her life to draw her to you, Jesus. Wrap your arms of love around Nike, help her to feel your presence so deeply in the midst of this.


  2. Julia, Thx so much for your prayer. It touched me deeply.I'm experiencing so many emotions on so many levels. God is part of everytrhing I feel. Even in anger I'm not far from God. And I've got a lot of anger now, which I attack with prayer.I also pray for all kids in this nation. So many are playing with fire.


  3. Nike, I've been in your shoes before–as a parent and a cop. Looking for other's children and looking for those I love. I think our children just need to know that we will love them regardless of what they do and we will never give up on them. Even when they give up on themselves.Our prayer are with you.Mark


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