Just Who Is Colton Parker Anyway???

This has been an edgy Christian fiction summer for me and I’ve loved every minute of it. Via my Kindle (kissing it now), I read one of Michelle Sutton’s spicy novels and two of Brandt Dodson’s noir novels while on vacation in sunny Florida. The reading experience was incredible!!!

I always prefer to begin a crime fiction series from book one. So, of course, the first book in Brand Dodson’s series is Original Sin and I gobbled it up.

I got introduced to the droll main character, former FBI agent, now an Indianapolis private investigator (trying to make ends meet) Coltin Parker.

I like to get to know the protag in a work of crime fiction from the get go. Here I find Coltin, figuratively speaking, nearly on life support. He’s been fired from the FBI for beating the tar out of a kidnapper, which resulted in the rescue of the little girl victim. So, right from the beginning I knew if circumstances warrant it, Colton can become violent. In addition Colton’s wife Anna recently died in a car accident leaving him unprepared to be both father and mother to a thirteen year old daughter who because he’s been such a workaholic he hardly knows. In addition his daughter Callie blames him for her mother’s death.

This guys is so adrift after the death of his wife, if it wasn’t for his love for Callie he might take his own life, or find some low-life criminal to take it for him. As the book progresses, I discover violence isn’t so foreign to Colton, in fact he often has to reign himself in, sometimes with great difficulty. Now this is a hero on the edge. I don’t know what he’s gonna do and that makes the read exciting.

The return of Colton Parker in Dodson’s second gritty novel, Seventy Times Seven, deals as one might suspect with forgiveness. Colton’s looking for a nerdy rich business owner’s wife who it seems has run away. Then her car turns up with blood in the trunk and thing are not what they seems.

In the midst of this Colton begins to discover he must seek the forgiveness of his daughter for what she perceives to be his misdeeds and his involvement in the accident that killed his wife, her mother. To complicate matters more, although intellectually Colton believes he’s not responsible for his wife’s death, emotionally he feels he may be.

As the story progresses and plot elements intertwine, we discover Colton has someone he must forgive.

Brandt Dodson

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  1. Brandt is an incredible author. I loved Original Sin. My husband read the whole series and he loved it, too. Brandt is even cooler when you meet him in person. šŸ™‚


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