Philly Conference AbFab!!!

The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference was terrific. The workshops informative with intelligent questions from attendees. It was a wise investment of my limited financial resources. I’d recommend this conference to any Christian writer who is serious about their craft and their walk with Jesus.

The totally amazing Bonnie Calhoun on the job!!!

The darker side of Bonnie Calhoun. Note the guilty smile…here she sits writing her novel and eating chocolate instead of staffing the desk. LOL

She’s gonna kill me…I’m running for the hills.

A very gracious lady, Dawn King (right), allowed me to stay at her house during the conference.

On the left, other house guest, my roomie, who doesn’t want her name publicized.

4 thoughts on “Philly Conference AbFab!!!

  1. You try to part Bonnie from her chocolate and you could loose a hand. (just kidding)Dawn's got a hospitable spirit, opening her home to me and another woman.


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