Wahooo, Takin Off For The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference

I’m about to leave for my first writers conference and I’m very excited, and a tad nervous.

Finances and family responsibilities have prevented me in the past from attending any conferences. I’ve been happy for my writing friends who were having fantastic conference experiences and bringing back the photos to prove it. Ok, Ok…I was a little jealous. LOL

But now it’s my turn. I’ve got gas in the car and I’m almost packed. Who am I kidding? I’m packed if you call clothes all over the bed packed. But I’m working on it.

I hope to get there on time to take one of the early-bird workshops on how to pitch. I’ve never sat with a real live agent and pitched anything and I don’t want to pitch the contents of my stomach when I do so.

In any case, I will take the Orientation for First Times ’cause that’s me — a first timer.

Well the open garment bag is calling, as are clothes strewn all over the place. They’e cyring, Pack me!!! So, I’m off to see the wizard. Wish me well…

6 thoughts on “Wahooo, Takin Off For The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference

  1. Nike, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at the Philadelphia conference. I've attended the sister conference, Colorado Christian Writers Conference, for fifteen years. Besides great workshops, you'll meet other writers as crazy as you are. LOL.Don't worry about pitching. The agents and editors don't bite, though I can't say the same for a couple of people who write vampire novels.


  2. I recall my first conference too, "Write to Publish" held at Wheaton College, where I nervously (and successfully) pitched "The Throne of Tara" (this was 1989). More recently, I pitched BLEEDER at an online writers' conference (March 2008) where it was accepted, and the same publisher will release the sequel, VIPER, this Fall. Good things happen at writers' conferences – not to mention the learning, networking and new friends. Best wishes,Johnwww.johndesjarlais.com


  3. Bonnie, Julia, Johnny – I just got back.It was a blast. Have to get some notes written and get hit the hay and get some sleep. Night driving knocks me out. 🙂


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