Featuring Multi-Talented Author Robert Liparulo

This guy’s writing knocks me out!!!

A former celebrity journalist who intereviewed the likes of Stephen King and Charlton Heston, Robert has over a thousand articles and short stories, not to mention  multiple awards.There’s no doubt he’s a law enforcement and military enthusiast. He gets police procedure and the action/adventure parts right. The lable “high-octane suspense” fits his work, no doubt about that!

I’m an over-the-top fan of his Comes A Horseman and Germ. I’ve got Deadfall on my to read list and can’t wait to get to it.


Robert is currently working with a few Hollywood producers. Three of his adult novels are in various stages of developement for the silver screen. Film rights to Comes A Horseman was purchased by the producer of Tom Clancey’s action/adventure movies. The word is he’s now in the process of writing screen plays for Germ and Deadfall…and is also working with director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Holes) on a political thriller.

I’m not at all surprised to learn that J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings trillogy are among Robert’s favorite books. I love those three as well and agree it’s a work that not only gets out of the box but goes off the reservation. Of course, Robert has said he also liked Moby Dick, which I couldn’t get through. So, there’s no accounting for taste on that one.

10 thoughts on “Featuring Multi-Talented Author Robert Liparulo

  1. Joe – Do you know that you have the exact name of one of my fav crime fiction heros? He's the silent partner in the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series written by Robert Crais. I agree with you Robert Liparulo is a great writer.


  2. Robert is AWESOME! Both me and the kids love him! Comes A Horseman is my favorite and I have yet to read the Dreamhouse Kings series.. which I think should have been mentioned! :PI am about ready to dive into Germ! He is definitely in my top five favorite authors. He is also a very nice guy through and through!Heather


  3. Dear MePlusFour – I agree he's awesome. Comes A Horseman thrilled me on so many levels. I didn't mention the Dreamhouse Kings series as I haven't read any of it. But I'm sure it's very, very good. He's one of my top authors too.


  4. I'll have to look for Deadfall and add it to my collection. Robert is not only a great writer but also a great encourager. His comments to me in a 15-minute appointment kept me going and added a great twist to my WIP.


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