Launching: Edgy Christian Fiction Book Club

Announching the Edgy Christian Fiction Book Club on Goodreads

Aiming to showcase Edgy Christian Fiction novels and their authors.

Discuss edgy Christian fiction books we’ve read and why we think they’re edgy. These are novels with a Christian world-view, not necessarily with Christian characters or any type of Christian preaching. They may contain sexuality, sensuality, Christian characters who drink alcohol, gamble, cuss or lie. Christian characters who struggle with a particular recurring sin, graphic violence and/or vividly depicted crime scenes, the underbelly of life, men’s action novels including war stories, and/or vampires.

To give an indication these books might be rated PG-13 or R if they were movies.

Rules: All discussion must use common courtesy and civility. Authors can put up their own books on the group’s shelves, you MUST tell why it’s edgy.

7 thoughts on “Launching: Edgy Christian Fiction Book Club

  1. I'd love to join the 'edgies' but when I try I get a message to say I have to enable cookies and if I try to sign in with my Google account, I get a message to say that I have to agree to have give 'further information'collected about me. This is a bit too intrusive and aggressive for me!Ann


  2. Ann – I'm sorry you're having such trouble signing up. I checked it out when a friend signed up. All she had to do at Goodreads was give her email address and create a password. Then it asked for the usual stuff all social networking sites ask for, name, address, phone number, etc. All of this is readily available on the internet anyhow.


  3. Hi there, Nike. I tried to join but couldn't figure out what I needed to do. It's definitely not user friendly. I'm easily distracted, too. Even in my work I write one page and then I pace until I see the next page in my thoughts. Makes you wonder how I manage to write documentaries.So now that you know my weakness. Do you have an easy to follow diagram?Blessings,Pola


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