A Mother By Any Name Is Still A Mother

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, aunts who have acted as mothers.

Mothering has always been a difficult job, and in these times when parental authority is being eroded on all side, it seems almost impossible. Yet, today’s mothers and mother surrogates prevail against impossibly high odds. I salute you!!! 

As an adoptive mother I want to wish all adoptive mothers a special blessing. Adoption is not an easy road. The process and red-tape paper work alone is daunting and invasive.

To all grandmothers and aunts in the mothering role, as well as foster mothers…when the angry child lashes out and shouts at you, “You’re not my mother,” — I send my prayers of blessing your way.

May you feel sunshine in your day when your child or children smile at you with appreciation for the sacrifice you have made for them, for mothering is sacrificial love.

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