My Cousin Tetyana Vists From Ukraine

Tetyana Kryva (seated) is my cousin and a journalist in Ukraine who writes articles on movies and television for her newspaper

She’s touring the US on a journalism grant. She visited Miami, Dallas, Washington DC and New York.

Here she is (seated) with me in a cafe in Greenwich Village in Manhattan where we had lunch.


Here Tanya (that’s the nickname she goes by) is standing infront of the gateway for the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry passes the Statue of Liberty and Tanya was able to get a few good photographs.


We also took a drive through Central Park and Chinatown.
That evening a car bomb was discovered in Times Square, but Tanya was already safely back in her hotel by that time and I was out of Manhattan and already home in Brooklyn. Unfortunately modern life in NYC isn’t only hectic, it can be dangerous. But Tanya and I are blessed, we have angels looking out for us.

4 thoughts on “My Cousin Tetyana Vists From Ukraine

  1. You know, I visit your blog often but never leave comments. Instead, I comment in an email to you directly. Then it dawned on me last night how much nicer it would be if I actually let you know someone is reading these posts 😀 I'm so clueless!I love the comments you made about the cop directing traffic. My daughter laughs at me all the time over those kind of things. We live in the country, so it's a little bit different attitude/atmosphere. When directed by the cop to proceed into oncoming (1-lane) traffic, I will usually point at the large vehicle bearing down on me and say "hello?!" Frequently, me window is down so I'm heard. Oh well, I went to school with 1/2 the town PD. There's something about that that lets you get away with more 🙂


  2. I'm glad you left a comment here. It's nice to see it.Most NYPD officers are total professionals. They don't get overly riled by a citizen letting off a little steam…just a little. But cross the line and you'll find you've got cop in your face. Cross the line again and you might wind up in handcuffs.


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