Eric Wilson’s Best of Evil, an Aramis Black novel

The title intrigued me, and of course Wilson meant that his hero Aramis Black would get the best of evil.

Aramis moves to Nashville and leave behind his violent life, filled with vices and ties to a radical group in the Pacific Northwest. He opens a trendy coffee shop and starts over with his aspiring country western singer and health food nut brother Johnny Ray Black.

A life shaping event occurred in Aramis’ life when he was six that may have sent him into a tailspin down the road to a destructive lifestyle. He witnessed the murder of his mother Dianne Lewis Black. He blames his uncle Wyatt for not preventing this awful crime. Even with his newfound faith, Aramis can’t forgive his uncle.

When a man is murdered in the coffee shop who speaks the same death bed words his mother spoke, things start to pop, in weird ways. His mother’s handkerchief given to him before his mother’s murder had been stolen from him. It turns up and then is stolen again. Clues start piling up suggesting a link between the Black family and the famed Louisiana Purchase explorer Meriwether Lewis, who some historians think might have been murdered. Could his mother have been murdered because she knew where Lewis hid his cache of gold?

Suddenly a reality TV show crew shows up offering Aramis and invitation to be on their show, where the premise is that the contestant can “get the best of evil” by giving good for evil. I had trouble buying that since all the reality shows I know about try to bring out the worst in people to garner ratings…perhaps if it were a Christian television network, but that would be about it.

Perhaps the best crafted scenes in the book are the nightmares Aramis has of the physical abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of his father and the fear that if his mother were alive she wouldn’t be proud of the man he became. Other scenes that rang true were those depicting a love-hate relationship between Aramis and Johnny Ray.

Ultimately the novel is about spiritual growth. Aramis has lived on dark side and now as a Christian is making different choices. The issue of forgiveness has got Aramis in a headlock and won’t let him go. The ultimate lesson Aramis learns is that no matter what his mistakes were, God has forgiven him.

Launching: Edgy Christian Fiction Book Club

Announching the Edgy Christian Fiction Book Club on Goodreads

Aiming to showcase Edgy Christian Fiction novels and their authors.

Discuss edgy Christian fiction books we’ve read and why we think they’re edgy. These are novels with a Christian world-view, not necessarily with Christian characters or any type of Christian preaching. They may contain sexuality, sensuality, Christian characters who drink alcohol, gamble, cuss or lie. Christian characters who struggle with a particular recurring sin, graphic violence and/or vividly depicted crime scenes, the underbelly of life, men’s action novels including war stories, and/or vampires.

To give an indication these books might be rated PG-13 or R if they were movies.

Rules: All discussion must use common courtesy and civility. Authors can put up their own books on the group’s shelves, you MUST tell why it’s edgy.

A Mother By Any Name Is Still A Mother

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, aunts who have acted as mothers.

Mothering has always been a difficult job, and in these times when parental authority is being eroded on all side, it seems almost impossible. Yet, today’s mothers and mother surrogates prevail against impossibly high odds. I salute you!!! 

As an adoptive mother I want to wish all adoptive mothers a special blessing. Adoption is not an easy road. The process and red-tape paper work alone is daunting and invasive.

To all grandmothers and aunts in the mothering role, as well as foster mothers…when the angry child lashes out and shouts at you, “You’re not my mother,” — I send my prayers of blessing your way.

May you feel sunshine in your day when your child or children smile at you with appreciation for the sacrifice you have made for them, for mothering is sacrificial love.

Sunshine Blog Award Given To This Blogsite ~ Yeah!!!

Cathy Bryant gave the Sunshine Blog Award to this blog. Thanks Cathy!!!

The award is passed on to blogs that inspire others and show creativity and positivity. So, I’m proud to accept this award.

The rules for accepting the blog require that it be passed on. (see rules below).

 The rules for accepting the award are:
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Ta Da…I am hereby passing the Sunshine Award on to the following 12 blogs:

1. Sandi Rog’s “Dare To Dream”
2. Linda Rondeau’s “The Daily Grind”
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Again I want to thank Cathy Bryant for passing this award on to me. Please visit her blog Word Vessel, it’s a great blog.

My Cousin Tetyana Vists From Ukraine

Tetyana Kryva (seated) is my cousin and a journalist in Ukraine who writes articles on movies and television for her newspaper

She’s touring the US on a journalism grant. She visited Miami, Dallas, Washington DC and New York.

Here she is (seated) with me in a cafe in Greenwich Village in Manhattan where we had lunch.


Here Tanya (that’s the nickname she goes by) is standing infront of the gateway for the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry passes the Statue of Liberty and Tanya was able to get a few good photographs.


We also took a drive through Central Park and Chinatown.
That evening a car bomb was discovered in Times Square, but Tanya was already safely back in her hotel by that time and I was out of Manhattan and already home in Brooklyn. Unfortunately modern life in NYC isn’t only hectic, it can be dangerous. But Tanya and I are blessed, we have angels looking out for us.