Dogone-it Get Hopeful About Something!!!

There seems to be such a general feeling of malaise in the nation. It’s as if there’s been a cultural shift toward negativity. No wonder everyone feels depressed.

What we need is to get hopeful on purpose. Whoa, that sounds a lot like having faith.

FAITH. Having faith?

Yes, that’s exactly it. It takes faith that things are going to work together for good to get rid of most forms of depression. So why not try a little faith?

The Bible tells us in Romans 8:28 ~  And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

The New York Times article, “Drugs May Only Help Severe Depression,” points out that exercise, reading about depression, going to a doctor, or psychotherapy tend to be as effective with mild to moderate forms of depression as antidepressants.

Charles Barber, author of the book Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry Is Medicating a Nation told the CBS Morning Show that fish oil actually may relieve mild depression.

Why not try a shift in attidude and perception? Get out of that slump!!! Look upward!!!

Get you some faith!!!

Do it on purpose. Why not try RADICAL HOPE!!!

I’m NOT advising patients with severe depression to throw their meds out. No way!!! But even with severe depression, faith can only help. Try faith, you’ll like it.

10 thoughts on “Dogone-it Get Hopeful About Something!!!

  1. Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder. I've been feeling that negative slump lately. I need to write Romans 8:28 on my board. It's one of my favorite passages.


  2. Glad to be of encouragement. Romans is one of my fav books in the Bible.Hey, luv your name…nikeathena. My real given name is "nike". How about that? It's Greek, or course, but I'm not Greek. Though I am a mix of many eastern European blood lines.


  3. Nike – great article! I find around my house it's easy to slip into a negative attitude just by complaining about hubby's boss.So I try hard to be the positive influence and keep us all looking at the "boss" that really matters. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  4. I think there's been some whining around our house too. I'm usually drawn to things that I need. LOLEverything thrown at us in the medis and in society is such a downer. We have to purpose in our herats to look above. Jesus said he came that we might enjoy life. 🙂


  5. The words we use with each other give off life or death, it takes practice to speak God's word, and a heart that has been changed by Christ. That's the difference between the world and Christ centered people, a mind at peace and inner joy no matter what the circumstances are. We tend to look at the natural instead of seeing where God is and wants to take us and that takes a spiritual outlook! Good article Nike, I posted it on my face book!


  6. The world is always pulling us down. But we can be light in the world. Oh sure we're gonna have bad moments and bad days, even bad seasons…but if we're walking with the Lord He will get us through. :)And I've learned that even in a bad season, I've got to shake myself off and look "upward" and go on. Sometimes as Jesus advised I have to shake the dust of a particular situation off my feet and go on. :)But I do go on and the Lord is with me. 🙂


  7. I've not met another Nike! My given name is Nike Athena after the Greek goddesses of victory and wisdom. (My dad didn't have high expectations or anything…)I'm mostly German with a bit of Hawaiian – no one could pronounce the Hawaiian name my mom wanted for me though, so the Greek names stuck. Though I don't think my dad anticipated as much trouble with Nike being pronounced correctly as I have had. 😉


  8. I met another Nike many years ago. She was born in Greece and said the name wasn't too common there either.You are the first American born Nike I've met. I was also named after the Greek Goddess of victory and wisdom. I'm Yugoslav, Czech, Ukrainian (a smidge of other Eastern European nationalities). Yeah, I've been called Nicky, Vicky, and even Mike. But, I like the name. Glad I have it. 🙂


  9. Writers–like everyone else–can easily fall prey to despair. Thanks, Nike, for reminding us our 'condition' is in God's hands. He is the source of all hope.


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