I Luv You, Followers, Subscrbers & Friends

As we go into Febuary, the traditional month of romance, fidelity, and love, I want to let the subscribers, followers, friends, and lurkers here at Crime Fiction And Faith how much I care for you, how much you are in my prayers.

I just luv you guys…and gals. 🙂

Kisses and hugs to you all!!!

A Heart Felt Prayer For Haiti

Out of the depth of my heart I look to You Lord on behalf of Haiti in this hour of need.

I uphold that nation in the name of Jesus in this time of suffering.

Holy Spirit comfort them, continue strengthening them. Give them strenght to endure the trials that are still before them. Show them how to take this great tragedy and turn it around into a victory. Show them how to prosper in spirit and how to move in Your will and Your way until they are whole and renewed. This I pray for my brothers and sisters in Haiti, in Jesus name. Amen.