Happy New Year From Sanctuary Point on the Great South Bay

The characters from my work in progress, Burning Heart, wish you a humdinger of a New Year.

Erica Brogna, always a bit fashion forward in her pants outfits, but shy about it, is calling you to say say, “By golly, have a healthy, happy.” 

Lorne Kincade: jumps off his motorcycle and gives you a small salute and a big wink.

They’re still not welcome at the Sanctuary Point Yacht club. You know, that little thing about having accused Ranald MacTavish of murder. Ooops. So, Lorne will be taking Erica to a swanky place he heard of while doing carpentry work in Long Beach, NY.

Erica got out her sewing machine and whipped up this little number. Sewing is fun again, with fabric plentiful now that the war’s over (World War II that is-remember they’re back in 1946). 
And off they will go to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a cosy restaurant over looking the Atlantic Ocean. Lorne will don his WWII officer’s dress uniform for the evening.
From my pen to your home, have a wonderful New Year, a truly blessed 2010.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Sanctuary Point on the Great South Bay

  1. Thank you so much for some secular fiction recommenations. I read nearly all Christian fiction but wondered when an avenue such as "Plugged in" for movie/video reviews might appear for secluar novels. Anybody thinking about offering that kind of service?


  2. Laney,I go back and forth between Christian writers and a few good secular ones.I don't know if that type of movie service is available.Have a wonderful New Year. 🙂


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