Bob Dylan and Dion DiMucci Rock Harlem (NYC)

What an incredible night of music. Bob Dylan and Dion DiMucci on the same stage in Harlem (NYC). Both men unapologetic Christ followers. Both unabashed rockers.

The buff 72-year-old Dion came out with his trademark dark shades on and with a bounce in his step. He talked about New York and growing up two blocks from the theater – humble. Bob Dylan’s announcer’s voice pierced a dark stage saying Bob was a legend in the 1960s in rock and roll, fell into a decade of drug abuse, found Jesus, and is now back on the road. The lights went up and I looked for Dylan to make his entrance. Then I realized he was already on the stage standing with his musician when he started singing – also humble.

In the 1970s I had a cursory acquaintance with Dion. We both frequented two Miami organizations — The Agape Club on Biscayne Blvd. and Arch Creek. I maybe spoke a few words to him, and although I’m about two decades younger than he, at the time we had some friends in common. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to hear him sounding really, really good, not to mention playing a mean guitar. In one number, he wove the words to Amazing Grace into the lyrics of a bluesy tune – breathtaking. Then, when he sang Ruby, the crowd went wild.

Bob has the same spindly legs I remember from earlier days, the same harmonica playing, the gravely voice, but a renewed heart. My husband’s cousin owes her salvation in part to him. In the 1970s he did a tour for Jews for Jesus that intrigued her and she got saved as a result. Although there’s not a drop of Jewish blood in her, her walk has leaned toward the messianic since.

Bob’s band was sizzling, his drummer driving it on like a horse rode hard. Amazing. As is very apropos for the current economic climate, he sang Workingman’s Blues and got huge applause. There was also quite an ovation for Highway 61. For the encore he knew was sure to come, there was a huge etching-like graphic in white on the black back curtain. It was an eagle’s eye with a crown atop it. Among the songs in the finale were Knocking on Heaven’s Door and Like A Rolling Stone, two of his iconic numbers.

There I was blissed-out next to my darling husband, who is amazing and the love of my life – and we’re listening to the stage show of a life time. I like clean, hard rock ‘n roll, and I got that in spades. The music experience was incredible and kept building. When I thought there was no place else it could go, it got kicked up a notch again. Awesome!

If you’re a believer and have somehow overlooked Bob Dylan or Dion Dimuci, may I suggest taking another look. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. And so, with that in mind, I ask the Lord to hold both these superb musicians in the palms of His hands.

10 thoughts on “Bob Dylan and Dion DiMucci Rock Harlem (NYC)

  1. I had a great time. I was glad to see the two of them together. Sometimes we forget there are Christians out there who don't package themselves w/a Christian lable. nike


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  4. To both anonymous posts…I'm glad you enjoyed the post.As to Dion's age, I saw it on a piece of PR about the concert. I could be wrong, as I wear reading glasses, but I thought it said 72.


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