"Julie and Julia," Gave Me A Boost

I usually don’t write movie reviews, and I’m not even sure this is a review … but if you want to laugh and feel alive go see Meryl Streep as Julia Child in Julie and Julia, now playing in theatres.
The Julia scenes simply sizzle. Well, what did I expect? Meryl Streep is a superb actress and she’s portraying Julia Child who was larger than life.
What I loved is that the Julia scenes exuded life, positivity, and were invigorating. I wanted to say out loud, “Yeah, why not take life on?”
It’s PG-13, but I saw a dad come out with his preteen daughter and she was all excited about the process went through to publish her first cookbook. This young girl was excited about Julia Child’s stick-to-itiveness. Talk about keeping your chin up when facing rejection after rejection.
The Julie scenes were a little sniveling by comparison. But then Julia was part of a generation that was strong and plucky and Julie (and you and I) are part of a self-centered whiny generation.
All I can say is that when I left the movie about an hour ago, I wanted to cook, I wanted to eat, I wanted to laugh … what I did was come home and write this.

2 thoughts on “"Julie and Julia," Gave Me A Boost

  1. what a great review! You've sold me on wanting to see this movie. I love Meryl Streep, but I haven't loved all of her movies. This one sounds perfect.


  2. Kathleen,The Julia Child scenes are perfect. Both my husband and I enjoyed it and he doesn't care for chic flicks. This was more on the lines of women's fiction or docudrama with tons of humor. Of course, Julia Child was so upbeat.The scenes in the present, while cute and funny…nothing wrong with them, can't compete. Well you have a larger than life actress, playing a larger than live culinary wizard in a time when people still had some dignity…and there you have it.


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