A Tip Top Cup of Darjeeling

I had a fantastic cup of tea last night at a little place in Park Slope (Brooklyn, NYC), the Connecticut Muffin. It was the kind of tea experience you simply have to rave about, so I am.

I chose Darjeeling, something I usually enjoy, but this was especially good. First I must stipulate it came in a tall paper cup with milk. I would have preferred a large ceramic mug, but there you have it.

It had this elongated tea bag (about four inches long) made entirely out of tea bag material. No string. No tag. I just took the top end of the tea bag cloth and dunked (I’m a dunker) until I got the light colored, aromatic liquor I so enjoy. Of course you can just let it steep.

Along with this I had a slice of maple loaf (a bread-like cake, or a cake-like bread). It was topped with a maple syrup glaze and went really well with the tea. My husband had an old fashioned cream scone (a dollop of cream is cut into the flour with the butter before it’s baked) and he had coffee (the traitor).

I’m licking my lips just writing about it. Was if good? Yes!

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