The Exciting World of Ezines

There are so many publishing venues online. It’s exciting.

Newspapers and news magazines are loosing readership. Magazines of every ilk battle for a dwindling readership, while online magazines flourish. One of the reasons for this is the reader gets to comment on the ezine article. There’s an immediacy to that, a feeling of participation in the process.

That said, I’m happy to say I’m now writing for the online publication EzineArticles.

You can most often find my articles listed under:

Book Reviews: Inspirational Fiction or Mystery/Thriller categories

Travel and Leisure: any number of categories

News and Society: Religion

Relationships: any number of categories

Education: Homeschooling

Self Improvement: Inspirational

I spent some time yesterday rummaging around in the ezine’s Book Review section, under Inspirational Fiction. I was most impressed by the review of my writing friend, Donald James Parker’s youth oriented novel, Love Waits, by Gail Pruszkowski. Her assessment is clear and to the point. Love Waits is Christian themed, but not preachy, is able to reach the younger generation with a timely message of the true meaning of love.

My inspiratinal fiction review of Another Way Home, by Christian author, Christa Parrish will be coming out soon in the ezine. That will be followed by my travel article on Cocoa Beach, Florida, one of my favorite spots.

4 thoughts on “The Exciting World of Ezines

  1. Awesome, Nike, Glad you got on board. Hope examiner contacts you soon so you can post the same material to two venues. God bless and thanks for the plug. Donald James Parker Author of Reforming the Potter’s Clay


  2. Hi there. I noticed one of your interests was 'Christian Fiction'. Please take the time to check out our Christian Fiction Review Blog: Flannelgraph. If you become a follower, you will be into win a free book/books each month. God bless you, Symon.


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