Intriguing Christmas Reads…

What’s going on this Christmas season in murder and mayhem, you might ask. Well, I have the answer with these intriguing Christmas reads ’cause here’s what the discerning murder mystery loving elf will be reading this year…
In Double Threat at Christmas (Steeple Hill), Megan McClain had the motive, means and opportunity to commit a double murder. Unless she proves her innocence, she’ll spend a lot more than Christmas in jail. Detective Paul Wallace doesn’t appreciate her interference when she starts nosing around and uncovers two unlikely suspects, especially since as far as he’s concerned she might be guilty. That’s because she is hiding something. Something that scares her even more than her feelings for the handsome cop.

Christmas Crime in Colorado (Harlequin) is shocking when Brooke Johnson, seeks a quiet Christmas after escaping her traumatic past, but instead finds her look-alike roommate dead and “to die for” police detective Michael Shaw vowing to protect her from a cunning serial killer.

In Season of Glory (Steeple Hill) who poisoned British executive Dylan Owen during a Christmas getaway at the Scottish Captain in Glory, North Carolina is the question. It’s obvious to him the killer is also staying at the inn. To trap the culprit, he’ll have to recover first. Which means letting lovely nurse Sharon Pickard closer than he’d like. The more they search the decked halls for clues, the more they fall for each other. But if they’re to share a lifetime of love and holiday meals, they’d better unmask the murderer—fast.

The heroine in A Deadly Little Christmas is extremely likable in this delightful read. The novel starts off with a bang when a bomb goes off under the Christmas tree on the psychiatric ward f St. Anne’s Hospital, killing seven. However feisty, middle aged nurse Caroline Rhodes is determined to deck the halls and overcome the devastation and depression, only to find she can’t escape her past. Not only is she a suspect in the eyes of the FBI, she’s also on the killer’s hit list. Aided by an elderly professor at the university, Caroline goes on the offensive to prove her innocence. (can be ordered at Amazon)

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