Well Written Page Turner

Shirlee McCoy’s Lakeview Protector is a must read!!! Action. Intrigue. Romance. Suspense. It’s got everything.
Jasmine Hart has reluctantly returned to Lakeview, Virginia to help Sarah, her very independent mother-in-law, recover after a fall. Jasmine has been avoiding her late husband’s mother because her lakeside cabin is filled with photos and memories of John and their two daughters, all killed by a drunk driver. To top it all off, Sarah says she didn’t fall, that she was pushed down the stairs at the museum. Jasmine isn’t so sure.
Then the ruggedly handsome Eli Jennings, an ex-military man, comes to Lakeview looking for his commander’s missing sister and and finds that another woman also went missing. The sceptical Jasmine begins to see there might be a link between these missing women and Sarah’s “accident.”
This is a real page turner. The characters are well developed. Jasmine is a complex character who can be both distant and compassionate, sharp tongued yet loving. Eli as a hard edged minitary man who’s seen it all and yet is tender and of course protective, is totally believable. Sarah is outstanding as an independent senior who has no trouble at all stating exactly what’s on her mind..

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