Random Books From My Shelves

In Susan May Warren’s Finding Stephanie, Hollywood action hero Lincoln Cash has always been a hit with the Hollywood babes. However with the diagnosis of a crippling disease, he runs to eastern Montana in hopes of starting a film festival on a ranch he’s purchased. Unfortunately three runaways burn his house down and the young rancher woman he’s falling in love is more impressed with God than his celebrity and is opposing him at every turn.

Homicide detective Harry Bosch spots a lone coyote after the LA earthquake that destroyed his house and wonders if the small creature is the last one in the devastated hills and if it will survive. Harry also thinks he’s the last of a breed as a cop and wonders if he’ll survive now that his girlfriend’s left him and he’s done the unthinkable: attacked his commanding officer. Forced to turn in his badge and take a stress leave, Harry decides to start a private investigation of a 30 year old unsolved homicide, the murder of his own mother.

A touching portrayal, in Lynn Bulock’s To Trust A Friend of a burned out FBI agent sent to a case in the boonies by his boss in hopes he will chill out. When Joshua Richards first meets forensics specialist Kyra Elliot he can’t figure out how she stays so much at peace. As they chase the serial killer who has left the remains of three teenage girls in his wake, Kyra shows Joshua the love of the Lord.

Feisty Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady is a very busy lady in Dead Wrong by J.J. Jance. She’s pregnant with her second child, nearing her due date and her husband’s out-of-town at a mystery writer’s conference, her parents and in laws are driving her crazy, she’s running for re-election, one of her female officers is assaulted, and she’s chasing a killer.

In Karen Kingsbury’s Oceans Apart, pilot Connor Evans broke his wedding vows eight years ago on an extended layover in Hawaii due to a raging storm. Now the flight attendant from Connor’s past has died in a plane crash leaving him an seven year old son. Will his wife Michele find forgiveness in her heart as she fights the bitter feeling that her picture perfect marriage was a lie.

If you like married sleuths, Death of the Party, from the Death on Demand series by Carolyn Hart will be right up your alley! Murder mystery bookstore owner Annie Darling and her husband Max, who runs a problem solving agency, are stranded on an island of the South Carolina at a luxury bed ‘ breakfast with a killer.