Just Back From Five Days In Montauk

As they say, “Montauk is the end.” It’s a fairly rustic resort town (not as chic as it’s South Hampton and East Hampton neighbors further inland…the town’s actually got a working harbor with shrimp boats going out at night). This “east end” town has the Atlantic Ocean on its south side and Long Island Sound to the north. After several very stressful months, however, we thought of it in another way they also say: “Montauk is the last resort.” I actually bought that bumper sticker for my SUV. One of the great things for me was that in the quiet of the early morning I got some great Bible study in.


This week’s police blotter in Dan’s Paper (not surprised I’d be reading the police blotter on my vacation?) had the report that in one of the east end towns a woman broken into a beach house. The owner found her asleep on his couch and waking her, she said she just needed to sleep (probably drank too much in one of the east end bars). So, the owner let her sleep. In the morning she took the entire family out for breakfast. That’s soooooo not like the Big Apple, where we live. Darling Husband and I were tossing around ideas at the pool and I said I could envision a crime wave hitting Montauk…a fictional one, that is, I’d love to write as a series.

Montauk is known for it’s sunsets and that’s one of the things my other half and I really love about the place. Sooooo romantic.