Author Kristy Dykes Has Gone To Heaven

Kristy Dykes, not so much a romance writer, but an author of Christian love stories, has gone to be with the Lord after a long battle with brain cancer.

A former newspaper woman, Kristy is the author of ten award winning Christian fiction titles. She had been active in both ACFW and the Faith, Hope and Love chapter of RWA for many years.

Kristy had a tumor that was quite similar to the one Senator Kennedy is dealing with. In her blog, Christian Love Stories, Kristy kept the faith as she bravely chronicled her fight with this terrible disease. Her husband Milton, daughters Julie and Jennifer and grandchildren took over the blog when she became to ill to put up articles. The address of her blog is:

Although I never met Kristy, I’ve been aware of her blog for the last year and have visited it and appreciated her deep faith and bright outlook on life as well as her family’s love and loyalty. My prayers go out to them and also to all her fans.

Forensics Resources To Sleuth Around In

Here’s a list of forensics links for crime fiction writers to wade through or dive into:

Consortium of Forensics Science Organizations:
Click on their news link for many interesting articles on what’s happening in the field.

International Association for Identification:
Click on their current affairs link for articles on finger printing.

NAME – National Association of Medical Examiners:
Click on Name archives for good stuff.

Crime Lab Project:
Many crime fiction writers would be shocked to discover the state of crime labs around the nation is nothing like it’s being portrayed in thrillers, on TV, and in the movies. Many crime scene labs do not have the latest in equipment…far from it! In fact many labs don’t even have adequate computers with which to log in evidence. For more information on this a visit to the Crime Lab Project’s web site is a must.

I Hate It When Authors Do This

I’m ready to go stark raving mad when an author expects me to figure out in the first chapter who’s who and who’s important when there’s Harry from Parsipanny talking on the phone to Harvey from Pensacola and they both are short, fat bald guys. Grrr!!!

I like unique character names, not names that sound as if they’re from the top ten in this year’s baby naming book. Let’s hear it for Alexandra, Irene, Jaspyn, and Romy for the ladies. For the guys, how about Rafe, Vander, Zito, and Nemo. I also hate it when a character is described to be Italian and the cousin of a former crime boss and he’s stuck with a name like Jake Longes. There never was a Longes crime family and certainly not in Brooklyn.

Speaking of Brooklyn, if the author is going to write about an existing city, there should be some real research. Just for everyone’s information, mafia bosses do not hang out on every street corner in Brooklyn with a dumb blonde on their arm. Rudi Guiliani virtually chased the mafia out of town. What he left undone, Michael Bloomberg finished. Most of the big bosses moved to New Jersey. I’m sure authors make glaring mistakes about other locales, and I didn’t notice, since I don’t know much about the area either.

Then you get the books where you’ve got a stable of homicide detectives and they’re all detecting away, but you can’t tell who’s who. You’ve got Detective Walters with no age given or particular description and his partner Detective Gunther also with nothing telling me how he’s feeling inside about the situation he’s in. I just know I’m going to get them mixed up at some point a few pages later.

But I don’t have to know that Suzy Jones (the dog walker who appears only once) has three sisters who are older than she is, was born in Miami. just broke up with her boyfriend, and hates spinach.

Anyway, those are my pet peeves and I sincerely hope my critique partner and my writing group won’t let me get away with any of them in my manuscripts.