I’m Wondering If I’m Normal???

As an aspiring writer of Christian romantic suspense (with its heart in crime fiction), I spend a lot of time alone (or I pretend to be alone as my eleven and ten year old scream, “Mom!”). I’m on my computer doing yet another draft, or dibbing and dabbing in a draft that I’m not quite satisfied with. Then I run and “network” with other writers who spend just as much time alone as I do. I’m not quite sure that’s normal???

But as there always seems to be more to learn and more to share in the craft of writing, I hustle off once again to read this Christian fiction writer’s latest blog entry and to answer my ShoutLife mail thinking perhaps some gem will be there.

Perhaps the most valuable thing is critiquing. I have a non-literary critique partner who’s been cheering me on and catching my manuscript mistakes since I started this journey, about two years ago. I don’t know what I’d ever do without him. I’ve also sent a certain chapter dealing in a particular subject to a person I though had expertise in that subject, just to see if it all rang true. These, I find are invaluable things to do.

Then, I duuno, I say to myself, “Self, hanging out with writers is fine, but I need something deeper.” And that’s when I have to get with God and often He isn’t interested in what I’m writing. Surprisingly, many times He’s very interested in what I’m writing and has something to say about it.

So, does all of this make any sense, I wonder…

3 thoughts on “I’m Wondering If I’m Normal???

  1. Makes perfect sense to me, Nike. Of course, I’m sitting here in the middle of the night, not having written anything that matters for several days, but still feeling good about writing because I love it so. Yep. Perfect sense. Off to sleep now…


  2. You’re perfectly normal! Writing is a solitary job – we’re the only ones who can get those words out and on to the paper or computer screen. And it’s rotten, hard, work sometimes. 🙂 I, too, find that my friends on the ‘net are a blessing when I need a break from mind-breaking writing. (not that I’ve done much recently, but I AM working on a novella for a contest!)Have you joined Edgey Fiction Writers Critters? I’m looking for a Christian crit partner – none of my writer friends so far are Christians and so while I read a lot of secular fiction as well as Christian, it’s hard for them to crit my work as I always get “well, I don’t read this stuff so…”


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