The Well Dressed Capriciously Curvaceous Crime Fiction Writer

Dress, plus sizeHas anybody created a fashion blog that’s sensible? Is there a blog out there for larger size women that isn’t angry and holding men responsible for their plus size? Haven’t any Christians been called to minister to the fashion world by starting a clothing company that doesn’t make clothes that expose all the parts of my, shall we say, capriciously curvaceous body, that nobody wants to see exposed anyway; least of all me. And it’s not that I’m ashamed of my curves, I love them, but the whole world doesn’t have to see every single curve.

I know I haven’t been called there…to the fashion world, that is, even though I hold a two year degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Buying and Merchandising. I won’t say that was completely a waste of two years, as it led me to jobs in public relations, which led to sharpening my writing skills. God had a plan for my writing way before I did. But it sure didn’t do much for organizational ability in my own closet. I’m having trouble deciding if I should buy yet another pair of black jeans. I think I should.

I’ve just done a search of, say 15 or more fashion blogs and have decided those mavens in the fashion world have to go a long way to convince me “the little black dress” is “important.”

There’s even an offensive site declaring “The Bible Makes Me Look Fat In This Dress.” I’m sure I don’t want to even know what that’s about.

It seems every one’s blogging their anger out, blaming everyone and everything for whatever fat they think they have. Hey, they should get a life! Ok, someone could have righteous anger about world-wide persecution of Christians, or starvation in Africa. Why is fashion important enough for all that anger anyway?

Yeah, sure I’d like to loose weight, am even trying to loose weight, and trying, and trying. But I’m OK as a child of God, a woman, and a person with my capriciously curvaceous bod. I’ve noticed people don’t tend to faint dead away on the street when I pass by.

Isn’t anyone having fun getting dressed? That’s why I spent two years at The Fashion Institute of Technology in the first place. I had this really naive idea that it would be really creative to get into expressing a woman’s (or a man’s) divine uniqueness in the way they dressed. That it could be exciting to see the human body as a palette on which to paint the individual’s personality in clothes. After graduating and spending a few years working in the fashion world, I found it was much more about creating anxiety in women (and men) regarding how they looked, and making them feel if they didn’t buy the latest trend out in the fashion mags, they’d feel hopelessly inadequate. I made a fast exit left.

Tall, short, fat, skinny, or somewhere in between; avantgarde or totally middle class…I think we should enjoy getting dressed. If a believer’s body is the Temple of the Living God, it certainly should be maintained as healthily as possible, but then I also think it should be dressed accordingly. The Temple in Jerusalem was decked out in royal purple and blue, after all.

Here’s to a New Year of me going out in style…my style. Here’s to a New Year of me decking the olde capriciously curvaceous Temple of the Living God out in a style to which He’s entitled.

6 thoughts on “The Well Dressed Capriciously Curvaceous Crime Fiction Writer

  1. Great post! I’ve often wondered about fashion myself. I know that we should enjoy what we wear, not just have clothing on for the sake of covering up. It should reflect our personality, our preferences, our values. And, it should not be dictated by what’s on at Fashion Week 2008 in NYC!I really enjoy watching Project Runway because the designers really add their own flair to the outfits. Some are horrible, and some are really quite nice.Anyway, I had your blog marked in my Favorites and I just had to visit again!


  2. I was sounding off a bit. I’ve got a few pounds on me and was looking for a “style conscious” blog for plus sizes, but couldn’t find one. All I was finding was rants out there, blaming, not enjoying who we are and how we’re dressing.Yeah, getting dressed shoud be a blast.


  3. vonildawrites

    Nike, I ran into your blog on the ACFW loop, but my 15-year-old is a Christian interested in the fashion industry so I was glad to see your interest in fashion. (duh, crime fictionista… I love it) Anything you could suggest for her? The modest clothing blogs make people look boring. Those others you mention are trying to help you show off your body. It is her idea you don’t have to dress boring to dress modest. Thanks and Blessings!
    Voni (rich n voni @ yahoo. com)


    1. When I went to college (The Fashion Institute of Technology), I had a blast. Well, college is fun time anyway. But when I got into the fashion industry I was not prepared for the backbiting, the lose morals, the drinking and yes, the drugging. Values and standards that were totally at odds with mine. That’s why I sought employment after school in Bridal. That part of the fashion industry still has a modicum of grace. I worked for two manufacturers of Bridal gowns. I got to travel to bridal fairs in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, and my home town of NYC.

      There is a young lady who’s a Christian who’s got a passion for fashion. In fact that’s the name of her blog. I love the way she handles fashion and the styles she puts up are young and hip.


  4. vonildawrites

    My breathtaking daughter wants so badly to help others feel beautiful. What a shame that an industry could stretch for that, but instead opts for hateful things like drugs and backbiting.


    1. I so agree, but recently there have been some Christian designers getting into the industry.

      Also, many of the catalogs that so many women buy from are not part of the ugly fashion industry.


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