USO NYC Newly Renovated Offices Near Me

NYC Metro USO in Pix
Today and Yesterday

Wow, I just found out one of the two New York State USO offices is located in Metro NYC, not far from my house. These newly renovated offices are in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, on the Ft. Hamilton Army Base.
So, I got on the horn and asked the nice gal who was staffing the phones that day (a soldier’s wife) what I have to do to become a volunteer. And it seemed as if overnight they sent me the info. So, now I’m seeing if my schedule fits their needs. I have two small children who have to be delivered and picked up from school, and homework to supervise. But I really do want to do my part.

In the meantime, they graciously put me on their email list and sent me the above photos of the USO Metro NYC which just tickled me and made me sigh with joy.