Radio City Christmas Show Reads The Gospel

We took the kids to the 75th anniversary Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show. WOW, what a show!!!

Yup, it’s the one nicknamed “showplace of the nation,” it’s Art Deco interior declared a landmark in 1978. The hall got it’s name in the late 1920s as the Radio Corporation of America was it’s first tenant. Later RCA came, putting in NBC TV studios, which are still there. They used to show family-friendly movies (only G rated) but when these became less plentiful, the hall went entirely to a stage spectacular. WOW, what a show!!!

During this year’s Christmas spectacular, as he does every year, Santa Claus is the show’s MC. At one point the state floor opens and a small ice pond is raised up and we see an ice dancing couple skating around as the stage turns into NYC’s Central Park. Of course the show has those high kicking Rockettes. By today’s standards, not offensive at all. A family show. I took dance as a kid and my ten year old Delayne took tap last year and I noticed the hip movement was what we’d call “clean”. They did incredible precision. They’re athletes as much as dancers. About half way through the show, my husband turned to me, sighed, and said he was afraid they were going to hurt themselves dancing at that high energy level for an hour and a half. LOL

Now to the end of the show. They read from the Gospel of Luke. I’ve seen the Christmas show twice before (once when my parents took me as a child and once when an aunt came up from Florida at Christmas) and I was wondering if they’d keep this tradition this year, and they DID!!! Accurately, word-for-word from Scripture. No apology.

This last vignette starts out with two little boys in their home, sitting together reading the Bible. So, cute! Tears sprang to my eyes as the older of the two read from Luke to his little brother. Then the curtain falls on them and a voice that resonates, not unlike that of a Charlton Heston continues reading the gospel. Shepherds come out complete with live sheep.

At this point tears were unabashedly rolling down my cheeks. Then the wise men start traveling in a caravan across the stage, complete with donkeys and camels. The curtain falls on the wise men and another curtain opens and you see the nativity scene (okay, it’s not accurate cause He was not an infant when the wise men got to Him).

In this scene they have the baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph raised on a platform in some type of rude/rough middle eastern-type structure (not a cave, not a stable) so they are the highest point on the stage. A star is affixed above them and they have a spot light showering light onto the manger. The three kings come forward with their gifts and their men in waiting start to arrange the trains of their robes, indicating that in the world these men are kings. Then the three bow down low to the ground before the babe. There was a hush all over the auditorium. A holy hush.

They do this show four times a day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to a full house, 6,000 people, many hearing the gospel for the first time. Many children getting the story of the birth of Jesus for the first time. PTL!!!