Our Hallmark 2007 Bookstore Ornament

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, which is not in Roosevelt, but more in Garden City. Go Figure.

Every year we get an ornament with the year on it. So this year, obviously we were looking for a 2007 dated decoration. I was delighted to find that Hallmark had a brick two story bookstore that was dated. The ornament itself tickles me. It looks like so many quaint buildings in so many revitalized downtowns in America.

It is so appropriate to out family because this year our 11 year old Alyssa and our 10 year old Delayne got much more involved in reading. PTL And I wrote my first Christian crime fiction novel, which was rejected by Steeple Hill. But I’m not worried, I had another first this year. I did NaNoWriteMo (National Novel Writers Month) and wrote an entire first draft of my second crime fiction novel in November. Well…I cannot tell a lie. I actually finished it a few days ago.

Don’t you love the malls at Christmas? Families have that harried look about them. Small children are overtired. We spent a few hours rushing around, pushing ourselves to get everything on our list and decided we’d really had it. It’s the pushing that gets you. If we’d walked around leisurely, we might not have felt as if we were going to collapse.

Finally, DH and I stopped and got “his ‘n her” Ray Bans for each other to put under the tree, let the kids ride a couple of times on the merry-go-round, got sodas in the food court cause we were near dehydration, and we headed for home-sweet-home.

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