Making A Christian Author List & Checking It Twice

This year I’m making a list of my favorite Contemporary Christian Fiction authors and checking it twice…and want to send many of these books out to all my wonderful friends who are waaaay more nice than naughty. LOL

I’m a reader…read a lot of Contemporary Christian Fiction and even a few secular authors. And I like to give books for Christmas. In general I like to encourage reading and specifically the reading of wonderful, interesting, intriguing, often funny Contemporary Fiction novels.

So, here are my Christmas picks this year for book giving…

1. At the top of my give away list is Cheryl Wyatt’s “A Soldier’s Promise,” cause she’s such a great gal and a friend of mine. No prejudice there. LOL If you like military themed books with tons of heart, I’d get this book!!! It has a special ops parachute jump in its opening scene that while tinged with humor, will also bring tears to your eyes. I also went bonkers for the cover, a soldier holding a little boy in his arms. Google: Amazon and click to Books and type in Cheryl Wyatt and it will come up. Or go to Steeple Hill, click on January books, Love Inspired, but don’t let the January date fool you, it’s available now for Christmas shipping.

2. Next on my Christmas give away list are two books by CBN news reporter and former Army Ranger Chuck Holton. Okay, by now you’ve guessed that I like military themed suspense novels. Well, actually like would not be a strong enough word. I love military themed suspense novels and thrillers!!! And Chuck Holton will not disappoint you. I read his “Allah’s Fire,” and can recommend it hands down. Based on that read, I’m going to step out and also recommend the second in his Task Force Valor series, “Island Inferno,” which features his group of tough Green Berets with soft hearts who go around the world performing explosives ordinance disposal (they’re the bomb squad). BTW, I’ve ordered “Island Inferno” for myself, having read the first book in the series. Again, go to Amazon, Books and type in Chuck Holton.

3. Margaret Daley writes Christian suspense that grips your heart. Her “Vanished,” had me actually praying for the safe return of the sheriff’s kidnapped young daughter. Her “So Dark The Night,” had my heart in my mouth as the heroine who’s not only lost her eye sight but her memory tries to escape the men who murdered her brother. In “Buried Secrets” she proves what a talented writer she is as action and adventure are added to the romance and suspense mix. Again, go to Amazon, or Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense.

4. I love everything about Gayle Roper and have read a lot of her books. In fact, she co-authored “Allah’s Fire” with Chuck Holton. However, I’m going to recommend her Amherst Mystery Series this Christmas with it wacky, clumsy, lovable amateur sleuth Merrileigh Kramer (Merry). The titles are: “Caught In The Middle” (book #1), “Caught in the Act” (#2), “Caught In A Bind” (#3), and “Caught Red Handed” (#4). Merry cracks up more cars than most demolition derby drivers, finds bodies in trunks, gets bonked over the head, locked in closets, chased by assorted maniacs, and always finds comfort in the arms of her fiance Curt Carlyle, who she marries in book #4, after you guessed it, a disaster. Her beautiful wedding gown gets burned to ashes when her apartment is bombed. But this is so typical of Merry’s escapades. This series can be read by anyone from age 15 to 105, in my opinion. Again, go to Amazon or Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense.

5. I’m going to recommend an older book by Terri Blackstock, “Cape Refuge,” which I think is a great way to start reading this prolific author, or to introduce this author to a loved one this Christmas. The book, a gripping suspense novel, opens with the brutal double murder of the beloved pastor and his wife, one spear gun, one murder suspect, and a whole lot going on under the surface, as Morgan Cleary asks herself if her husband really killed her parents. The other books in this series are: “Southern Storm” (#2), “River’s Edge” (#3), and “Breaker’s Reef” (#4). Go to Amazon, or go to Zondervan for these books or others by Terri Blackstock.

6. I’m going to recommend a comic book for girls. Yep, a comic book. My eleven year old daughter read and loved “Serentiy, A New Bad Girl In Town,” about a lonely teen from a broken family who only wants to be accepted, but who lashes out with obnoxious sarcasm at others. By the end of the book, this very needy pre-teen has had an encounter with Jesus. I’ll be ordering the other books in this series for both my daughters. This can be had at Amazon.

7. I’m also recommending a children’s book for any little girl who might feel a little bad cause she’s such a tomboy and not a pretty girly-girl. “Bitsy and the Mystery at Amelia Island,” writen by Vonda Skelton is such a book who clearly understands what it is to be a pre-teen. I recently ordered this book from Amazon for my little tom-boy.

8. I’m going to leave Contemporary Christian Fiction and Christian Children’s Fiction for my next pick. I saw Deborah Norville, former anchor of Today, Inside Edition, and Tonight With Deborah Norville interviewed recently on Daystar’s The Joni Show and immediately ordered her book “Thank You Power,” for one of my dearest friends. I’ve been assured by Amazon that Santa will deliver before Christmas. I understand this gem on gratitude is in bookstores everywhere.

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