What Keeps Me Up At Night, You Wouldn’t Believe

Night sky, wolfPoint of view keeps me up at night. Questions of which character’s head I’m in plague me. Actually, this is starting to sound like I’m out of my mind, but as any novelist will tell you, that’s a thin line sometimes. LOL

I’m doing NaNoWriteMo. What’s that, you might ask? It’s a writing challenge, whereby you basically set your critical, censoring mind aside and write like mad for the entire month of November to get a first draft of a novel completed (at 50,000 words). Sheer lunacy, if you ask me!!!

I’ve done this, type, type, type away – only to find somewhere in the chapter I’ve switched point-of-view, jumped into another character’s head. I use two points of view: the heroine’s and the hero’s and I like to do an entire chapter in one, or the other. The made cap speed at which I’m writing sometimes has me saying: Which head am I in?

I’ve also been worried if my heroine is strong enough. Is she compelling? She’s a detective in an NYPD special unit, which means she’s got to have been a really good cop to get in there. However, I’m also targeting a Christian publishing company that publishes romance. So, in addition to being a really great cop, a detective with flawless instincts, she has to be involved in a romance as seat-of-the-pants as the suspense part of the novel is. So, you can see what’s keeping me up nights. LOL

As I toss this around in my head, and toss around in my bed, trying not to wake my darling husband, I know to make my goal in NaNoWriteMo, I just have to keep typing my fingers to the bone. Glancing down I see they’re starting to look like stumps. Well, I’ve aired my pet peeve, and must away. I must fly back to my manuscript and keep typing.

NaNoWriteMo has these neet little counter bars, that I was afraid I didn’t know how to use, but I finally figured it out. According to the little bar, as I put my word count in, it tells me I’m 52% of the way to my goal. As I glance toward my calendar, I see, counting today, that counting today, there’s only seven more days of typing left. Seeya!!!

2 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Up At Night, You Wouldn’t Believe

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I had a friend ask me to do the November challenge last year but I was afeared…ha! Go for it!


  2. HE HE! I do that same thing…lose track of whose head I am in. What has helped me is when I start the scene, I change the font to fuscia or pink if it’s in the heroine’s POV and blue if it is in the hero’s POV. In suspense, you could leave the villain’s POV in black if you have a villain’s POV in your WIP. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting, Nike! And no, I don’t want cornbread for Christmas. LOLOL!Hugs and I can’t wait to read your new story!!!! You’re growing by leaps and bounds! You’ll be a strong suspense writer once you tackle all this technical stuff and get a firm grasp on the craft…I just know, know, know it. For anyone who hasn’t read Nike’s stuff…..her voice is FABULOUS!!!!Just perfect for suspense. Hugs,Cheryl Wyatt aka Squirrel


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